Business Valuations

Business Valuations are essential in a multitude of financial situations or opportunities.  Businesses can be bought, sold, financed, sued, own real estate, pay taxes and do most things that a living human-being might do.  As a result, the business may need to be “valued” for one of these purposes.  Understanding a unique business and being … Read more

Expert Witnesses

What is an Expert Witness? Someone skilled in a particular art, trade or profession with special information or expertise in a particular area may be qualified as an expert witness.  However, they must testify in the field which they qualified.  Forensic Accountants testify in the field of accounting, finance, taxes, and related areas.  They are … Read more

Litigation Consulting and Support

Litigation Consulting, or Litigation Support as it is sometimes called, is one of the major services provided by a Forensic Accountant.  Unfortunately we live in a world and country where lawsuits are prevalent.  Although sometimes unavoidable, litigation costs can be minimized if all the financial information is disclosed and analyzed so the parties can make … Read more

Forensic Accounting?

Forensic Accountants and CSI???  Most people have watched the television program “CSI” and been fascinated by the crime scene forensic investigators analyzing little tiny fragments of material to solve a case.  This may have introduced you to the word “forensic” but how does that go with “accounting.”  The two couldn’t seem more unrelated!     Examining Financials … Read more