Detecting Fraud in Small Businesses

(This is the third of four posts on this topic) By Associate Kimberly Creasey As discussed in part 2 of this article series, tips are the most common way in which fraud is detected. However, additional measures must be taken because it is not sensible to rely on employees or outside individuals to be the … Read more

Preventing Fraud in Small Businesses

(This is the second of three posts on this topic) By Associate Kimberly Creasey All organizations, even the very small, can implement measures to help prevent fraudulent activity from occurring. Here are several items to consider when trying to improve procedures: Implement Internal Controls Many small businesses do not have a comprehensive structure of established … Read more

The Pervasiveness of Fraud in Today’s Business World

(This is one of three posts on this topic) By Associate Kimberly Creasey Each year the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) conducts a global study on occupational fraud and abuse to gain a better understanding of the types of fraud schemes most commonly occurring, how fraud is detected, what types of organizations are victims … Read more

Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credential by the AICPA

Thanks to the CSI television series, most people have become familiar with the term “forensics” and know that it involves legal situations.  In the financial world, CPA’s may earn the CFF designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the ultimate governing body of accountancy in the United States.   Forensic accounting is a specialization that … Read more

Divorce Fraud and One Million-Dollars of Shoes

Oops!  I Forgot My Shoes! In 2012 a husband sued his wife saying she never mentioned her stockpile of 1,200 pairs of designer shoes in their divorce proceedings. He sued his poker-pro ex-wife for her shoe collection worth about $1 million, which he claims she never told him about when they divorced three years ago. He claims that … Read more

Fraud – A Nasty Introduction

  Fraud has been around since Adam and Eve.  It pokes its nasty head into almost everything we do including marriage, probate, and other family matters.  Fraud is evil, based upon greed, and will destroy marriages and lives.  Don’t be fooled, fraud touches all of us, everyday, in one form or another. A common definition … Read more